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Radmin 3.5
Radmin 3.5

Radmin 3.5

One of the best programs for remote administration platform Windows, which allows you to work on multiple remote computers using a simple graphical interface. Radmin fully supports Windows Vista (32bit), maintains a security system Windows, provides file sharing, features text and voice chat mode, Telnet, and many other features. Portable version provided by the developer, works without installation on your computer.

Key features:
How does Radmin?
You see the remote computer's screen on your monitor in a window or full screen. Your manipulation of the mouse or keyboard are transferred to the remote computer. This way, you can work on it as if it were right in front of you

What's New in Radmin 3.5:

Update: 12/25/2012
Support of Windows 8 (32 - and 64-bit), Windows 8 Pro (32 - and 64-bit) and Windows 8 Enterprise (32 - and 64-bit). Support for Windows Server 2012 (32 - and 64-bit).
Optimized data transfer between a local and a remote computer to reduce the amount of consumed traffic.
In full-screen mode, the toolbar has avtoskryvayuscheysya.
Fixed problem flashing display when switched on via download Radmin Mirror Driver at startup (previously loaded only when the incoming connection).
The ability to save the screenshot to a file.
Fixed minor bugs.

The procedure for treatment:
Contents of the folder «NewTrialStop.v2.3» move to the folder with the program.
Run install.bat, always as an administrator.

System requirements:
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003/2000/NT/ME/9x

Download Radmin 3.5.rar (8.593 KB)
Download Radmin TrialStop.v2.3.rar (32 KB)
Download Radmin 3.5 Portable.rar (4.131 KB)

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  1. Bisa multiple komputer, sangat menarik kang.

    benar kang, blog saya, dihapus oleh blogger beberapa hari yang lalu dan alasan dihapus karena blog ini dianggap blog spam, phising dan blog yang memuat konten berbau sara.

    Apakah menurutmu blog saya ini benar memuat konten tersebut kang semenjak blog ini berdiri sejak bulan januari tahun 2010 yang lalu kang...

  2. met mlm mas trmksih'y mas linik downloadnya

  3. wah keren2 sob software yang ada disini :)

  4. @ tomo tidak kang.. buktinya skrng bisa online lagi

    banyak info Seputar Dunia Ponsel dan HP

    punya Rizky & ashtho software easy juga dihapus sob

  5. Kunjungan pagi!saya ijin download sob.terimakasih

  6. kunjungan pagi nih sobat.. wah saya nggak punya komputer nih sobat... nyimak aja dech saya..?

  7. wew, udah lama neh gak pake radmin ... gara gara kebanyakan crack jadi pindah ke VNC ane sob,
    thanks ya, cobain lagi ah ...


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